’24’ producers extend Anil Kapoor’s contract

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Producers of hit American TV show, ’24’, extended Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor’s contract from ten episodes to sixteen for the new series, which starts later this month.

“Initially I was under contract for just ten episodes. Then seeing the way my role developed, they decided to have me in 16 episodes,” Anil told Real Bollywood.

In the interview, Anil said he was advised not to do American television by his Bollywood friends to avoid being stereotyped but he decided against them.

“I was also advised not to do Slumdog Millionaire. Some Bollywood actors had turned down that part before me. I took it up because my wife and kids were in favour. Can you imagine how I’d feel right now if I had turned it down?”

’24’ season eight premieres on Sunday 17th January on Fox and Sunday 24th January at 21:00 on Sky1 in the UK.