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15 lyricists join hands for music video demanding credits on streaming platforms

A music video featuring 15 song writers has been unveiled, demanding credits for lyrciists on music streaming platforms.

According to The Indian Express, the likes of Varun Grover, Swanand Kirkire, Neelesh Mishra, Kausar Munir, Anvita Dutt and Shellee collaborated for the song ‘Credit De Do Yaar’, which has been composed by Chinmayi Tripathi and Joel Mukherjii.

“This was a small effort by 15 lyricists for a big issue. We aren’t under any false impression that you would remember our faces but please make sure you remember our names, because the fight after all is about the names. Often the name that goes missing from a song on music platforms or the YouTube channels of music companies is of the lyricist.

“We just want them to properly credit us for our songs. And we want you all to join us in this issue, in whichever way possible. Whenever you find the name of a lyricist missing, please raise your voice and support us,” said Varun Grover, who has also directed the video.