10 years ago today… Revisiting ‘Baghban’

'Baghban' celebrates 10 years since release
'Baghban' celebrates 10 years since release

Release date: 3rd October 2003

Director: Ravi Chopra

*ing: Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Paresh Rawal, Aman Verma, Samir Soni, Rimi Sen, Divya Dutta, Lilette Dubey and more

Exactly a decade ago, ‘Baghban’ was released. Starring Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini in lead roles with a whole host of others (including a Salman Khan and Mahima Chaudhary making special appearances), the movie saw much success as a perfect family entertainer.

‘Baghban’ was a story about a very-much-in-love couple, Raj and Pooja Malhotra, ��(played by Bachchan and Malini) with four sons. With three out of the four sons settled in marriage, they decide that they want to spend their life spending time with their families. However, when they put this to their sons and their respective families, to their horror, they split the couple up. Spending six months apart, Raj and Pooja end up for short periods in turns at their sons’ houses. When Raj and Pooja meet for a day, they stumble upon their adopted son (Khan) and his wife who happily take them back to their home together.��Along the journey, Raj pens his thoughts about being separated from his wife for the prolonged period. ��When ��shows those same thoughts to a friend, he ends up publishing them as a book titled ‘Baghban’.

The impact of ‘Baghban’ was such because it was a story that happens in almost every Indian home and it was the first time it was being portrayed in modern day. Directed by Ravi Chopra, the story is indeed the main hero of the film. The meaning of the word Baghban in English is gardener and this story shows how parents provide their children with everything they need. However, when those parents are in need of their own children in later age, the same treatment is far from given.

The movie sought to tell the story of a modern society and the plight of parents who want love from their offspring at an age when they feel they have fulfilled their duties. There were sterling performances from both Bachchan and Malini as a couple who are at a time in their life when they need each other most but instead they are made to live apart. A special mention should also go to Salman Khan and Mahima Chaudhary who are brilliant in their small roles.

BizAsia would like to congratulate team ‘Baghban’ today on the 10th anniversary since its release.

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